A popular young people’s meeting point

Piazzale Piola

Piazzale Gabrio Piola is entitled after the famous Italian mathematician and physicist, as well as the homonymous Green Line M2 metro stop, even if it is located in Via Pacini, towards Lambrate, at the intersection with Via Bazzini and Via d’Ovidio. Here, in the Città Studi district – not coincidentally – is the seat of the scientific faculty of the University of Milan and the main campus of the Politecnico di Milano.

Piazzale Piola Gabrio, or more simply called Piazza Piola, is a big and busy roundabout with a green heart that is also equipped with an area reserved for dogs. Among the main streets that lead to Piazza Piola are Viale Gran Sasso, Viale Romagna, Via Giovanni Pacini and Viale Lombardia. Piazzale Piola has become an important meeting point, especially for the young people who live in Milan. The area is full of bookstores, cinemas and gyms, as well as gelaterie, restaurants and bars that get very crowded during the ‘happy hour’.

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