A popular green area in Milan

quartiere fatima

The District Fatima developed parallel to Via Ripamonti in the late 50s of the twentieth century and extends from Via Broni along Via Chopin, in the southern part of the Vigentino. The buildings intended for housing were all erected around the park where the parish church of Our Lady of Fatima was built, hence the name of the district. The church of Our Lady of Fatima is therefore in the center of the eponymous district, on a large elevated urban island and bounded by Via Val di Sole, Via Montemezzi, Via Chopin, Via Albinoni and Via de Guarneri. On the same urban island, at the corner with Via Albinoni and Via de Guarneri, was the ancient Cascina known as Ca’ Nœva (New House) and eventually called Cascina Albinoni, cleared from illegal immigrat occupants and demolished in 1991.

The current Fatima district area is part of Zone 5 in Milan which includes Porta Ticinese, Porta Lodovica, Vigentino, Gratosoglio and Chiaravalle. This Milan’s Southern neighborhood is adjacent to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, the regional park that includes an extensive semicircle green area between Milan and the southern border of its province. The Fatima neighborhood is therefore a purely residential area full of businesses, with a nice green area, a garden equipped for children and well frequented by the Milanesi, especially in the hot summer months.

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