Where green takes over

Parco Robert Baden Powell

Milan is getting greener and greener, but there are still some areas where buildings win over nature. The Parco Robert Baden Powell is situated precisely in one of these areas, not far from the Naviglio Grande and not too far from the center, where public green spaces have always been lacking.

Parco Robert Baden Powell, named after the founder of the Scouting and Guiding world’s movement, in 2005 revived the area that was previously occupied by barracks, warehouses and stores.
Before then in this area it was impossible to find refreshment under the shade of a tree, but with the creation of the park now you can enjoy a wide variety of plants, from the magnolia, the red oak and the lime tree.

The revaluation project of the entire area has completely redesigned the face of this part of Milan.

The paths in the greenery emphasize the natural wavy contour of the land and the accurate disposition of the trees highlights it even more.

The clay walkways are the true soul of every park, since it is only walking along its green limbs that one can fully appreciate its value.

At the center of the area is a sort of empty space, covered only by a long and narrow lawn, which allows you to fully grasp the extension of the area, from the Naviglio to the Southern border.
There is also a space dedicated to children and two fenced areas for dogs.

The Parco Baden Powell is certainly not so dense and intricate as to feel you ended up in a forest, but it is a good place for a walk, maybe at lunch break, or where you can go for a liberating run after work.