One of the most ‘human’ and livable districts in Milan

via Garigliano

Via Garigliano is located in the Isola district, in the first suburbs north of the city, outside Porta Garibaldi, from which it is separated by the train station with the same name. Historically, the district has popular origins but over the years it underwent a noticeable transformation, so much so that it is now appreciated and frequented by the Milan nightlife. The premises of Via Garigliano 10 were occupied by the Zara cinema, which in the early 80s became a disco managed by the BBC association: the Red Rock Point Club. In the 90s the space hosted the Garigliano Social Club, one of the most alive and active self-managed centers in Milan. The managing cooperative transformed the building into a meeting place for the neighborhood, the Isola, that has always been considered one of the most ‘human’ and livable districts in Milan, hosting cultural events, a kindergarten and play rooms equipped for children, the Netpoint Connecta (an experimental laboratory for road radio and web TV), bars and eateries. Today Via Garigliano and the Isola district periodically host week events, exhibitions, shows and workshops for all the Milanesi.