From former agricultural village to former industrial area

viale imbriani

In the Bovisa district, not far from Dergano, we find Via degli Imbriani, which connects Piazza Giovanni Bausan to Viale Edoardo Jenner. Bovisa is a district (zone 9) located in the northern part of the city, partially physically bounded by the railroad tracks. The neighborhood around Via degli Imbriani was born as an industrial area and in the second half of the twentieth century it suffered a decline due to the dismantling of many of its factories. The district takes its name from the former farm of the Corpi Santi of Porta Comasina, Cascina Bovisa, around which a farming village developed that in 1873 was incorporated by the city of Milan. During the last decades, due to the presence of the Politecnico and the Institute of pharmaceutical research Mario Negri, the neighborhood has requalified.