Manzoni’s former leper hospital with a multiethnic heart

panfilo castaldi

Via Panfilo Castaldi, in the center of Milan, goes from Corso Buenos Aires to Piazza della Repubblica, between the parallel streets Via Lazzaro Palazzi and Viale Vittorio Veneto. Its strong commercial vocation is combined with a good number of bars and restaurants for all tastes and for any type of social gatherings. Situated halfway between the yellow and the red Metro stops Repubblica and Porta Venezia, Via Castaldi boasts its proximity to two very popular places in Milan: the park Indro Montanelli, a large city green lung, and the Spazio Oberdan, a venue entirely devoted to culture, music, art exhibitions and film festivals.

This part of Milan, which in the fifteenth century hosted the leper hospital mentioned by Manzoni in his I Promessi Sposi and that now appears composed of orderly streets as if they were designed on a chessboard, has a definite multiethnic personality since, in addition to Italians here live many Indians, Pakistanis, and even many young North Africans, Eritreans and Senegalese. All this has allowed the development of several ethnic clubs that complement the more typical restaurants and cocktail lounges. One of the main attractions of the street, frequented by lovers of good wine, is the Enoteca Bicerìn, where the tasting of a good glass results in a unique sensory experience to be repeated as many times as you want!

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