Where the big factories were

viale monte grappa

In the Garibaldi district, parallel to the Bastioni of Porta Nuova, not far from Corso Como, we find Viale Monte Grappa, which crosses Via Melchiorre Gioia, one of the main arteries of Milan’s traffic. At the corner with Viale Monte Grappa 8 stands the building that housed the canteen of the Opera pia Cucine Economiche (People’s Kitchen), built between 1881 and 1883 and designed by Luigi Broggi, one of the earliest and most successful examples of social architecture in Milan.

The Cucine Economiche were created to provide meals at low prices to the workers and their families and were built in a strategic area of the city, just steps away from the Martesana Canal, where the presence of workers was strong because of the big factories in the area. Today in Viale Monte Grappa, as well as various classic venues such as bars and restaurants, is the Terrazza of the Maison Moschino overlooking the square in front of the hotel built in the old neoclassical railway station at number 12. The area is also full of nightclubs, lounge bars or clubs where you can enjoy yourself listening and dancing to the music of the moment.

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