A neighborhood full of green spaces

zona barona

The Barona is a historic district of Milan, which extends to the south-west outskirts of the so-called Zone 6, which goes from the circle of the Spanish Bastions, in the stretch of the Darsena, to the borders between the city and Corsico. In addition to the Barona, the area around the Naviglio Grande also includes the districts of Porta Genova, Giambellino, Lorenteggio, Porta Ticinese, Conchetta, Moncucco, Quartiere Sant’Ambrogio, Quartiere Cascina Bianca, Boffalora, Quartiere Teramo, San Cristoforo, Quartiere Lodovico il Moro, Ronchetto sul Naviglio, Foppette, Quartiere Villa Magentino, Arzaga, Villaggio dei Fiori e Creta.

In the people’s imagination the Barona is a dangerous and disreputable district, composed of council houses inhabited only by criminals and poor people, but fortunately the reality goes beyond these stereotypes and the residents of the neighborhood are keen to point out that here there are beautiful spots. This is in fact one of the greenest residential areas in Milan, a nature heart in the middle of the concrete of the metropolis. Here are the Parco Sud fields, and going out along Viale Famagosta the countryside full of old farmhouses surrounded by large rice fields opens up. In Via Barona, at the corner of Via Boffalora, is the famous Barrio’s, one of the most active youth centers in Milan, where you can find a coffee bar, a rehearsal room for dance and theater, a multimedia room and a room for educational and training activities such as after-school support for children and young people.