A new editorial project to intimately narrate Milan, through the stories and faces of the Milanesi by birth and adoption, young and old, famous and not

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 the exclusive first issue comes out on iMILANESIsiamoNOI, a digital mosaic capable of giving life to a passionate, sincere and unexpected story about Milan through interviews (written and video) and photos of the people of Milan, native and adoptive.

Designed and edited by the journalist Andrea Scarpa, iMILANESIsiamoNOI is a collection of stories of those who live and work in Milan – or try to – dream, suffer, enjoy and maybe even get angry. The Milanesi of all kinds: actors and singers, television presenters and designers, chefs and DJs, writers and journalists, but also doctors and bartenders, record producers and students, hotel porters and high school teachers. As well as designers, artists, bloggers, repented manager, florists and press officers. All 100% from Milan or from Veneto, Sicily, Puglia or Marche, but also Senegalese, French and Nepalese… In short, the Milanesi of 2015.

iMILANESIsiamoNOI, supported by the NanoPress editorial office, every week issues 2 video interviews involving famous people, and 4 written interviews, all illustrated with portray photos by Andrea Colzani. A map of Milan, connected to the favorite places mentioned by the interviewees, the sections Sing It Away and What Do the Milanesi Do, complete the editorial project iMILANESIsiamoNOI. The brand identity and technical development are managed by BrandMade.

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