ROSELLINA ARCHINTO ## Milanese from Genoa, 82 years old, publisher

Rosellina Archinto has five children, ten grandchildren and an extraordinary life as an editor: if in Italy there is quality literature for children and young adults – until the end of the 60s this type of literature was considered as secondary – it is thanks to the good books published from 1966 to 1985 by her Emme Edizioni, with prefaces by Natalia Ginzburg, texts and drawings by Guillermo Mordillo, Bruno Munari, Emanuele Luzzati etc. Emme Edizioni was eventually sold in order to establish Rosellina Archinto Editore that specializes in biographies and literary correspondence from authors such as Thomas Mann, Salvatore Quasimodo, Truman Capote etc. After selling the majority stake to RCS Libri in 2003 , last July 1 Archinto bought back all the shares it had sold. It is worth mentioning that Rossellina just turned 82 years old. The determination, passion and enthusiasm, however, are those of a young girl. Born in Genoa, Rosellina Marconi Archinto married Count Alberico Archinto in 1958, father of all her children. In 1970 she left him for Leopoldo Pirelli, her partner until 2007, the year of his death. Rossellina has been a Milanese for 72 years.