ELISABETTA ROSSINI ED ELENA URSO ## Milanesi from Varese and Milan, 38 and 41 years old, leaders in pedagogy

How do the Milanesi manage parenting? When asked this very simple question, Elisabetta Rossini (on the left) and Elena Russo (on the right) answer clearly and unequivocally. They are two pedagogy experts of 38 and 41 years old, the first one from Varese and the second one from Milan. They’ve known each other since their first day of college and together, in 2009, they opened a practice for family counseling near Piazza Lima. They speak in a calm, engaging and reassuring way. In short, they make sure they are told everything. In this case, the roles are reversed: they speak and what they say on the relationship between parents and children is very interesting, though a bit disturbing. Careful, because they don’t mince words!

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