RICCARDO VITANZA ## Milanese from Massawa (Eritrea), 50 years old, communication manager

Riccardo Vitanza’s life sounds like a Frank Capra film. He was born in Massawa, Eritrea, and in 1976, together with his parents and two older brothers, escapes from the country at war and arrives in Italy as a refugee. Seven years later, in 1984, without a penny in his pocket, he moved to Milan to study Law. After taking five exams he drops out to work as a copywriter at a small advertising agency. Today Riccardo is the owner Parole & Dintorni, one of the most important advertising agencies in the Italian showcase, number one in the music environment. His main clients are Ligabue, Francesco De Gregori, Antonello Venditti, Elisa, Pooh, Emma, Piero Pelù, Ornella Vanoni, Pacifico, Zucchero, Ron, Cristiano De Andrè and many others.

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