SARA PUPILLO ## Milanese from Rome, 43 years old, volunteer at Alfabeti Onlus

It might also be the moral capital of Italy, but Milan is certainly the capital of Volunteering (250 organizations in the city and 888 in the metropolitan area, for a total of about 50,000 people involved). Sara Pupillo is a particularly active volunteer, she is 43 years old and president of Alfabeti Onlus, an association that for twenty years has provided Italian lessons to immigrants. On December 7, the day of St. Ambrogio, it was awarded the Civic Merit of the Municipality of Milan. The ceremony, which took place at Teatro Dal Verme, featured the mayor Giuliano Pisapia handing over medals and certificates to all winners. Among these, of course, was also Sara Pupillo. Roman by birth, Milanese since she was 10, Sara has a reassuring and engaging smile. Very normal.

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