SIMONA VENTURA ## Milanese from Bentivoglio, 50 years old, Tv presenter

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So… it was 1994, I came to Milan to run away from Rome. I ran away from Rome in one night. I came to Milan, where I met my girlfriends and I spent some time here, I actually never thought I was going to move here. I used to come to Milan in ’92/’93. I had lived here before, then I moved to Rome where I lived from ‘87 to ’94. At that time I was working in the Domenica Sportiva.

So I used to come to Milan on Saturdays and Sundays and I must say that back then I didn’t like Milan on Saturdays and Sundays, I preferred going back to Rome where I was during the week.

Then in 94 I came here running away from Rome and I found my ideal city. I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time, so one night I came to Milan.

I was used to that kind of impulse, meaning that for me when it’s over that’sit. I really wanted to come to Milan, I had some friends here and I came to Milan and ended up staying here for good. At the end of last year I celebrated my twenty years in Milan, and I’m very happy, also because Milan is a city that has given me everything… It gave me love, my children, work chances and success…

Milan in the 90s was a wounded city because there had been Tangentopoli, but it still wanted to grab its opportunities.

I came to Milan in ’94, I worked for Mai dire goal and from then on my career in entertainment started. Before I was a sports journalist, so I have to say… Something I felt sorry about is that moving to Milan I struck up new friendships. Here I have a lot of friends that have endured through life, they are still my friends now…

In Rome, I have only one friend left: Giovanni Malagò. After eight years in Rome… Milan has changed me, I feel it’s always been my city. The city is reserved, it offers great opportunities, it’s a city where people work a lot. I liken it, with due proportions, to New York. Rome is like Los Angeles. I don’t mean that people don’t work, they work very differently.

I really like Milan because Milan is very ‘strong’, and so I’m happy… It is certainly the most international Italian city. Now, with the Expo, it beat every other Italian reality.

It has been able to grab this opportunity, developing the city in a wonderful way. In my opinion it is a great city for those who want to work, for those who want to have their own place. It’s a private city that offers great opportunities, that sets you free because it is very practical, pragmatic, everyone is free to do whatever they want.

It is not a city that judges you, Rome does it way more. Most maliciousness came from Rome or Florence, never from Milan – because of the sort of people they are – and even Bologna has its prerogative. In my opinion the two main cities are different. Milan is also a city that doesn’t forgive, it is very hard to find friends, to take part to social or cultural gatherings. At the beginning it’s difficult, there is a lot of detachment and mistrust, but when you have a friend in Milan, in my experience, it’s for life.

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When I came to Milan, I realized that I had a Milanese’s mentality. I had lived all my life in Turin, I was born in Bologna, therefore Milan was on the way. When I was in Turin I started working for the private TV in Milan, so I took my train or car, and went to Milan, I never thought Turin was going to be the city where to live and pursue my career. In fact I went to Rome because in Milan, at that time, there were already many sports journalists.

In Milan there were Maria Teresa Ruta and Antonella Clerici working in the football environment, while in Rome there wasn’t anyone. That’s why I went to work in Rome. I started working at Domani sposi with Magalli as his assistant, then I had the opportunity to work as a sports journalist and so my career in football began. A common thread that has continued up to 4-5 years ago and that I would like to take up again, because I’ve met so many people who are still asking for me. I built a great relationship with them, they trust me and this is not easy for those who also did other things in life, as I did. One that deals with farmers, my latest program for example, or music and reality shows. So it’s nice to still have all those relationships, it is definitely a good thing.

I have many projects. I’d love to start working for the football environment because I really left a very good memory there, because I love to cultivate my public relations. If I stopped working in football it doesn’t mean that I stopped being interested in it, every day I read the Gazzetta and websites, since football has always been a common thread in my life, as a job and as a passion, especially as a passion.

It’s not because of Campo Dall’Orto, if he called me… If it’s possible, I would like to go back to Rai with a… since I’m a pilot, with a good car. Because one can be a great talent, a good conductor, I now also take care of the creative production of my programs, but if your car doesn’t work, you can hardly go all the way. What I’m looking for is a good format, good enough for all the televisions that asked for me.

If I left Milan I would do it only for two cities in the world: one is London, even though my son is studying and working there. So, in short, I go there very often. Or Miami, for a radical life change.

I find that Pisapia did a great job. It’s not easy to find a person to replace Pisapia, because Pisapia was great for Milan. So it’s easier to replace Marino, with all due respect, because it’s easier to recover a compromised situation than taking over after someone has won the championship. It’s the same in football, isn’t it? If you arrive after your predecessor didn’t work well, it’s possible to do better, because the worst that can happen is doing the same. Therefore I don’t know who could take Pisapia’s place. Even Forza Italy, the right-wing and Salvini are looking for an absolute winner. The Italians have always wanted to change, so it won’t necessarily be someone from the left-wing.

Look, I am for free religion in a free country, so there must be freedom of religion. That said, there are rules, Italian laws, which must be followed. They should be free to pray in the mosque. Praying in Arabic so no one understands anything is not good, it’s important to weave relations. However, the laws are Italian and so… When I go to America I respect the American laws, if I go to the Arab countries I’m respectful of their laws… I believe that the people who come here should be law-abiding. That said, I believe in freedom of religion.

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