IRENE SERINI ## Milanese from Trieste, 40 years old, theatre actress

The theater is a meeting place. Working on the stage is like having an encounter, without a screen that divides the actor from the audience. It is now one of the few places that don’t have one. Screens, in fact, have become pervasive in our lives. They are everywhere: on smartphones, computers or at the cinema. The world is full of shielded places. For this reason theaters must be defended. Irene Serini, actress, defends them, or at least she tries to. Born and raised in Trieste, she has lived in Milan since December 1999. In 2002 she graduated from the Piccolo Teatro’s Academy in Milan. In 2010 she founded the company Atopos (which means “not classifiable”) composed of transsexuals, transgender and heterosexuals. In practice, an art project that addresses the broader issue of self-determination, identity, sexuality and love in relation to social control.

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