DANIELE BRESCIANI ## Milanese from Milan, 53 years old, writer

Daniele Bresciani is a Milanese, his parents are Milanesi, his children are Milanesi (two, Luca and Valentina, 11 and 16). Daniele is fifty-three years old and he is a talented and successful journalist (La Gazzetta dello Sport and Vanity Fair, where he was deputy director until 2012). In 2013 Rizzoli published his novel Ti volevo dire that has been reprinted many times, it has won numerous awards and in December it will be issued in Germany by Heyne. Daniel is a true Milanese, but just over a year ago he had to leave the city. Since September 2014, in fact, he has been working in Maranello, near Modena, as the Communication Director in Ferrari.

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