UMBERTO MARIA CHIARAMONTE ## Milanese from Rome, 46 years old, manager

This guy is 46 years old, he tends to transversal activities, Stakhanovism, accumulation. Born in Rome, he has now lived in Milan for a year and a half, he has a degree in Economics and Business, he is married and has three children aged between 4 and 10. As a day job he is the president of MN, one of the most important communication agencies in Italy (fourth by turnover); partner at Level33, a TV production company that works directly with the customer’s brand (at his side is Matteo Maffucci, the Zero Assoluto’s singer, Ed.); partner at Obo Digital, a digital marketing company; and also manager of show personalities such as Trio Medusa, Pupo, the chef Alessandro Borghese, Giuseppe Cruciani, Lodovica Comello and many others. Chiaramonte also plays football, tennis and water polo, and, not satisfied, he coaches a children parish football team. In the picture you can’t see it, but he should lose half a kilo or so.

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