ANNA GODEASSI ## Milanese from Pordenone, 34 years old, illustrator

At the end of high school Anna Godeassi, born in 1981, didn’t know which way to go, she only knew she didn’t want to give up on her creativity. It was 2000 and, after waffling back and forth with her parents, she decided to enroll at the IED, the European Institute of Design, where she studied illustration for three years. From Pordenone she moved to Milan, which since then has become her city.

Her name probably doesn’t ring a bell, but if you google it you will understand that you’ve definitely come across some of her works before. She makes illustrations for newspapers (La Repubblica, IlSole24ORE, Donna Moderna, etc.), advertising agencies (Tbwa, Leo Burnett, Ddb RedCell etc.), publishers (Yeowon Media in South Korea, Goodie Book in the United States, etc.), video production companies (Raitre and SkyCinema). She does a bit of everything. She also unrolls a green lawn, like the ones used in stadiums, on her terrace. She organizes nice ‘evening happenings’ in her apartment with many people and a special guest. A very special guest. Made of paper. This is just to say that Anna Godeassi definitely deserves a few minutes of your attention.

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