BARNABA PONCHIELLI ## Milanese from Milan, 42 years old, agitator

Great-grandson of the famous nineteenth-century composer Amilcare Ponchielli, son of the first Italian photo editor Gianni Amilcare Ponchielli – died in 2001, he worked for Max, Amica, Sette – Barnaba Ponchielli is a tireless cultural worker who is as original as he is versatile, he does a bit of everything, a real agitator. A true Milanese, 42 years old, Barnaba has a small record label, Sangue Disken, which publishes the works of young artists who certainly don’t participate at the Sanremo Festival. He also organizes the musical programming in some city venues, art exhibitions (also in bars), he publishes photography books (the last one, Fotofinish, is a collection of photos dedicated to his father), he has written for newspapers… And he started acting in the prison of Volterra.

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