ENRICO IURLARO ## Milanese from Milan, 56 years old, gynecologist

A gynecologist who is the son of a gynecologist, married with three children, Inter supporter, Enrico Iurlaro is an irreducible fan of Joe Jackson, The Who, Oasis (but also, for some reason, Jack Savoretti and Jack Jaselli…). Not bad, think about it. Especially when you consider that every year, in the Mangiagalli clinic – where he has worked for 25 years – he delivers of 100 to 200 babies per year (the total amount of births is roughly 6500). In short, a bit of good music can help to be ready and responsive. Iurlaro was born in Milan 56 years ago and grew up here, he is a serious professional but also a nice man, and so we couldn’t miss the chance to ask him how the Milanesi behave when they are living the most delicate and important moment in their lives: child birth. It’s worth taking some time to read his answers, Iurlaro is keen to take it a little from afar.

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