GIÒ FORMA ## Milanesi from Livorno, Milan and Hamburg, 46 years old, architect, artist, designer

Two words: Giò Forma. If one is not in the field – the field of the true creatives, the real ones always on the ball, not the hipster ones who are good for a drink – when they read these two words they are rightly inclined to think: What’s that ? Who are these guys? What do they do? First things first. Giò Forma is the name of a Milan firm of architects, designers and artists who are currently among the most valued and appreciated realities in Italy, also because of their ability to stay on the market in their innovative and unconventional way.

In short, they do everything: from the famous Tree of Life of Expo 2015 to the Radio Deejay’s 34th birthday party in Rome, from Versace fashion shows to Laura Pausini’s and Tiziano Ferro’s concerts, from the event to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Mexican Republic to the opening of the Museum of Bahrain. They come up with the ideas, develop the skills and realize it. In Italy and abroad.

Giò Forma has three partners, all 46 years old: Cristiana Picco from Milan, graduated in painting at the Accademia di Brera; Claudio Santucci, architect from Florence (born in Livorno, in the picture he is the one on the left); Florian Boje, German designer (from Hamburg) who studied at Brera and who is also Cristina’s husband (they have a 14 year old daughter). These are more or less their roles: Piccois the artist, Santucci the precise one, Boje the philosopher. However, they are very pleasant. If only there were more like them.

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