PAOLO MADEDDU ## Milanese from Milan, 49 years old, music critic

Paolo Madeddu was born and raised in Milan, in the Comasina district – he will be fifty in October and he mainly writes articles that put you in a good mood, but often, after reading them, the person he wrote about loses his or her good mood. Journalist and music critic, since the late ’90s he has mostly dealt with pop, rock and songs – that kind of stuff – for newspapers and websites of various kinds (Rockol, Gioia, Qui Touring and Rolling Stone). Paolo has a 7 year old daughter and for Corriere della Sera he reported on the Expo from the spaces of Rho Fiera. On his personal website,, he writes: ‘I do interviews and write articles about music for some newspapers. And I won’t say anything more than this, because those who in their bios write stuff like ‘I drink tea with digestive – I have two chatty cats – I’ve always been juvenmilaninterista’ should just get ill.

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