PATRIZIA TENTI ## Milanese from Arezzo, 45 years old, gallery manager

Patrizia Tenti has three personalities: the provincial girl from Arezzo who makes a great ribollita, the diehard rocker, the passionate and meticulous gallerist – already a successful and internationally popular architect. She has been in Milan since 1999. Patrizia is 45 years old, she was once married, no children, and in 2010 she opened the EraStudio Apartment Gallery, a special and unique space, not only for Milan. The gallery is composed of an apartment on the third floor of a building in Via Palermo 5 and an old stable on the ground floor, where she displays the works of Italian and foreign architects and designers. Both spaces have been brought back to their original state, stripped to the bone, without any frills or fluff. This is where I met her.

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