AUDREY GOUBAND ## Milanese from Paris, 39 years old, Tv producer

Audrey Gouband is French, from Paris – “Paris 9ème arrondissement, I was born in the same clinic as Johnny Halliday and Francoise Hardy,” she hastens to add – next year she will be forty, and she is far from looking like the many foreigners who arrive in Italy because of their passion for art, culture or Italian flair. She has nothing to do with all of that, or at least she hadn’t. Audrey came to Milan for love reasons (love that now has ended). Then, eventually, she ‘fell in love’ also with the rest. She tells us about how things went in front of a spritz in a bar for cyclists around the corner from the metro station Piola, the Upcycle in Via Ampere 59, a place with wheels, sports jerseys and bikes everywhere, and only one very long table.

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