BRANDO (Orazio Grillo) ## Milanese from Catania, 47 years old, musician and producer

Orazio Grillo, called Brando, is a guitarist from Catania, he was born in 1968 and for years he has been among the most sought and appreciated artistic producers of Italian pop-rock music. Just to give you an idea: Brando was the director and the right-hand man of many artists such as Modà (Viva i Romantici, 2011), Emma (Schiena, of 2013), Nesli (Andrà tutto bene, 2015). In short, those few records that in Italy have recently sold many copies – more or less 600,000 – bear his signature. The last one is Edoardo Bennato’s Pronti a salpare, issued on October 23, after five years of silence from the Neapolitan singer. Brando, who started at age 17 with the historic rockabilly band Boppin’ Kids, in over 30 years, among many others, he has worked with R.E.M, the B52’s, Primal Scream, and compatriots such as Morgan, Jovanotti and Mauro Pagani. He has lived in Milan since 1990.

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