CHIARA ZANNINI ## Milanese from Zurigo, 34 years old, web editor

Chiara Zannini was born in Zurich, Switzerland, but is a Milanese in and out. 100% MIlanese. Married without children, 34 years old, very attached to the neighborhood where she was born, grew up and has remained to live as an adult – Porta Romana, Porta Vigentina – Chiara is very nice and smiley, although she often tends to complain. As well as (almost) all the Milanesi. After she worked as a journalist for several newspapers, about four years ago she became web editor for Yoox, the Italian website for online sales of fashion and luxury brands that on October 5th merged with the American giant of the field, Net-A- Porter Group, becoming Yoox Net-a-Porter Group.

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