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MAURO CORUZZI (Platinette) ## Milanese from Parma, 60 years old, showman

Me, a devoted Rolling Stones fan, back then and now, and this rose when he sang “Honky Tonk Women”… he threw it, he had a bunch of them… I grabbed it, put it in a book, classic, and it’s still there…
Milan was, of course, the place where I came more often, since it is close to Parma, just an hour away, and there was always something going on
It was the place, a few years later it became freedom place for me…
Giuni Russo and Maria Antonietta moved to a new house when I was already their good friend, and they asked me to go and live there, in the place they were leaving, in Via Procaccini
Now I live in the best neighborhood in my opinion, which is the Maggiolina where there are shops, where there isn’t noise, where there are parking spaces right in front of my house… finally! .. I live on the ground floor. My flat has been burgled three times but who cares… I moved and now I live in front of the police station… I open the window and have the police right in front of me… and I have been robbed anyway.
I really like the neighborhood life. I have a trusted butcher, to begin with food supply… If you ask me for a map of the best bakeries or focaccerie in Milan, I’ve got it.
My mother is from Langhirano and my father from Felina, right in the area of cured meat and salami production…I think the treatment of processed meat wasn’t explained well, for example: as a farmer, because my parents were farmers, prosciutto isn’t treated with anything besides salt, therefore there are no nitrites and nitrates and company.
The most ridiculous one was about coffee: Coffee could be carcinogenic because it is toasted. Come on! I have never seen white coffee yet.
But I understand that in this case there must be lobbies, because it is not possible that two days after the World Health Organization says that insects, grasshoppers and everything else, are edible and that other cultures outside of Europe eat them and not in Europe. Keep eating your locusts while I keep eating ham, am I right? What would I do with a spider for breakfast? (Go ahead and have one, whoever wants it!)
Milan has some closed circles, they aren’t lobbies but something similar. The gay world, for example, is organized according to a pyramid. They are very arrogant, very presumptuous. They are convinced they have the key to the beautiful side of life right in their pockets, that they have the best taste possible… If you follow Madonna you are a wreck, in my case.
I have no faith, only one, in Madonna. I would like a Mosque but not in a neighborhood or in a place of the city that involves me. I mean, I do not like the idea of ​​forced integration, integration must be real… It is legitimate for you to insist and persist with your costumes and your lifestyle, but you shouldn’t ruin my lifestyle, meaning that you can’t look at me with contempt if I step onto the road in a densely Muslim populated area, because I have been there several times, I see the look, I understand that the woman who spits on the street is spitting at me. Then forget about the possible contacts and sex… because if I say “they all want some”, I come across like a fag eroded by AIDS… but that’s how it is.

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A leitmotiv from adolescence: finding someone to takes care of and who takes care of me with the same intensity, without breaking my balls too much
I went there only once, to Vanoni’s home, near the Corriere della Sera and there I saw Milan, according to me… I mean that I saw the house of a rich bourgeois that is also very well equipped in terms of comfort, and with a fantastic testimonial. It was like being right in the heart… I thought about all her acquaintances, before my eyes I saw Anna Craxi, Strehler… the different worlds that Ornella has famously faced, lived and wrote about… and then I saw Milan, that house, those white sofas, those damn somewhat eastern…
I saw Mina’s place, another kind of house, I saw the house of a bourgeois from Cremona within 100mt. Back then she lived in the street around the Fiera.. I do not know the name of the streets, where the retirement home Giuseppe Verdi is, 100 meters further, going towards the fair, the buildings where she lived are in front the art nouveau house, where Callas lived when she was in Milan
Imagine that in the space of 100 meters was the history of Italian music, and that Callas and Mina lived in front of each other. Of course they never saw each other because the one with the tapeworm died long before… However, the air they breathed was the same. That’s a Milan that I really like
The rewards were in the facts because the character already existed, there was Vladimir who did something very different than me, I don’t know if it was calculated, I don’t care, that’s his business. I did nothing but stage my permanent discomfort, at first, as Gaber would say, with the illogical cheerfulness of an over 150 kilo transvestite, then, with the insight of a so-called characters sniffer as Costanzo, the idea to undress, that was his idea, I never even wanted to think about it
For giving the transvestite that before was considered marginal or rather one that you find on the road, poor thing, because she has to live or something like that, not a life, but a word…
What has led to the way I look, to my weight. Falling in love with my classmate, my neighbor, because we lived opposite each other so we went to school together and got back from school together. We lived together half of the day and the other half he came to my house or I went to his house, with two women, whose we were respectively the boyfriend and the boyfriend, besides the fact that the two women did not know that we had a relationship. I did what I usually criticize in others. At the dawn of his 18 years he told me “I’m not like you”, he wanted to say he wasn’t hormonally prone to it, but he was up for it, as it happens. I totally panicked because I understood that it was time for me not only to make a decision but, madness… He was amazingly handsome, very self-confident, even back then, very interested in certain literature… Long story short: our relationship gets to a complete closure with a book. He got me “Corydon” by André Gide, at 18 years old he got me book by André Gide, for what there was and what will never be, giving me the final closure. From that moment I started eating, drinking and doing all sorts of things, gaining 50 kilos in one year because I saw a wall my destiny.
Not even in the worst of Almodovar’s scripts a similar story would come out. He started a relationship with the girl that had been my girlfriend, they tried to get married but in the meantime she found another man, she married a doctor. At one point I broke my leg, here in Milan, at the Magazzini Generali, at a party. Bottom line: I asked to be taken to Parma, the provincial guy who doesn’t trust the hospitals here and asks to be taken to Parma’s emergency room on the ambulance. My ex’s husband receives me but I was on morphine, I swear, I’d smash my leg again for that amazing feeling. “Do you know that you and I have one thing in common?” I had my leg here and my foot there because I had triple exposed fractures. I didn’t feel anything because I was completely wasted and my sister held me back “For God’s sake, don’t say anything or he will break the other leg”. In that moment I shouldn’t have… because we were in the mid 70’s, only a little more that children.
She was pregnant, we decided to go for an abortion but abortion wasn’t legal yet. So we went to Florence with the help of the Radicali, that’s when I began my relationship with the Radicali. With Adele, there was a clinic in Florence, nothing else, there wasn’t a law… so if I could I would rewrite that time in another way.

Video 3
When the possibility of doing Dancing with the Stars stretched out on the horizon… “What? Me dancing?” But I loved the idea of ruining and making holes in Carlucci’s floor. But then I took it a bit more seriously, as I always do so: I use my inabilities to make them productive. I said “Well, I have to commit to lose weight, otherwise I obviously I can’t dance”. Then I thought that if I could have others controlling me, because for those like me that’s the solution, because otherwise we don’t go anywhere…
So in this case Carlucci, the path before Dancing with the Stars, from September 8, the day when I put the balloon, is a path followed by the media, not only it isn’t an annoyance for me but I think it’s the best solution because it ensures control. I don’t want to know the starting weight nor the end weight, I want to know how much I lost. I don’t want to become a victim of another kind of imprisonment. Those people that get up in the morning and get on the scale, maybe also the night before, and go crazy because they weigh 100 grams more because they hadn’t gone to the loo yet. I will not go from one addiction to the other, I prefer carbohydrates addiction. Now dancing is my treat.
With Maria it can’t be over, where do you find another one like her? What ended is a relationship linked to Amici that lasted several years, but it has changed so much, what could I do… Obviously it was written in the new version of Amici because nobody speaks anymore. It is a Saturday night show, certainly the best TV experience ever. Although my relationship with Maria is not deep nor it ever was because Maria is not so easy, and frankly I didn’t feel much emotional ardor, I feel it more with her husband
Maria is a war machine , I have a more curious relationship and also, I can’t say more intense because it is not true, but it makes me feel less afraid, with Barbara D’Urso. I saw her yesterday, I had a little problem with her because I work with Carlucci, Rai 1 and so… Well, I don’t know, maybe when I get to the examination for Dancing with the Stars they’ll tell me “Do you know what’s new? You have to go home because you have a crooked spine”. I know how to relate to D’Urso. Last night I hugged her, we were leaning against a car, we looked like two old lovers. I like people who give you the key, any key… Maria doesn’t offer many keys.
Deejay? Radio Deejay? Is it still there? Really? The key never entered into the lock… Because the chic radicalism of everything that appeals to a small segment of high style population… no! Absolutely not!
Then Deejay retreated, from a style point of view. Who would have thought that Pausini would have been their guest, who would have thought that Mina’s new piece would have been run by Deejay?
I have a natural, instinctive dislike for phenomena raised to high style. Dente is a fantastic author, but considering him as the new Guccini… no, No! Cristina Donà is fantastic but Cristina Donà has been Cristina Donà for many years, I don’t know when she will have her big break. There is a reason why niche artists are called so, because that’s what they are and if they keep being so for most part of their career it means that those are the gears they have. End of story. Let’s not talk about bad luck, support of record companies and so on because that’s not how it works.