ROSALBA PICCINNI ## Milanese from Almè, 45 years old, singer-florist

This girl knows her flowers (she chooses them and arranges original compositions). She certainly can use her voice (she recorded on her own a pop-jazz album, Arrivi, and gave six concerts at the Blue Note), she knows how to deal with people (and this will not hurt, in Milan and elsewhere). Her name is Rosalba Piccinni, she was born 45 years ago in Almè, a village in Val Brembana near Bergamo, and she has always worked as a florist. She has lived and worked in Milan since 2009 when, following her passion for singing, she became cantafiorista (singer-florist). Rosalba has a flower shop in via Broggi 7 and has recently opened another one, Potafiori, in via Salasco 17, where you can also drink and eat something. It takes only 4-5 minutes to read this interview, the time of a song. But it definitely won’t sound like a silly song.

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