SANDRO SANTANTONIO AND ANDREA CANTÙ ## Milanesi from Racale and Monza, 39 and 40 years old, designer and lawyer

Sandro (on the right in the picture) and Andrea (on the left) have formed a well-matched couple in life and work since 2003. The first is 39, the second 40. One is a well-known and esteemed designer- in Italy and abroad he designs furniture, lamps, yacht interiors etc. – The second is a lawyer who, after meeting Sandro, dropped everything to take care of the legal aspects and communication of their company. Sandro Santantonio was born and raised in Racale (Lecce), Andrea Cantù in Monza, but both have been Milanesi for years. I met them in their nice loft near the Naviglio della Martesana, on the North-East side of Milan (at the end of Via Padova), where they live and work. I started with Sandro then, after an hour, Andrea joined us.

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